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Managers Letters

Ramón Martínez Jorba
Ramón Martínez JorbaCEO
At VORACYS we define ourselves as a provider of public and private construction services. The four principles of action, pillars on which we sustain our project and for which we want to be recognized, are:

  1. Focus on the client: we seek excellence in our service with a permanent focus on the client, the core of our activity.
  2. Regarding society and the environment: we have a commitment to sustainability, because we participate with our actions in transforming the environment.
  3. Committed and qualified human resources: we work so that our staff is committed to the business project. The continuous training of all workers and the permanent surveillance of health and safety at work, both personally and subcontracted, is paramount in our procedures.
  4. Long-term relationships with suppliers and subcontractors: suppliers and subcontractors are a fundamental link in the value chain we develop. We are convinced that long-term relationships are the most beneficial for each of the parties and for the final result of our activity.

With the permanent monitoring of these four principles we have managed to consolidate a sustainable business project that is recognized in the sector.
We are in an economically complex period, even more so if we focus on the construction sector. Even so, as the chief executive of the company, I am fully convinced that if we remain true to our principles of action, we have a future full of successes in communion with our customers, society, the environment and our workers and suppliers.

Alberto Buil Adrados
Alberto Buil AdradosConstruction Manager
Building is fascinating.
Since childhood, I have always been enthusiastic by construction. Building for others, for our clients – whether public or private – is very motivating. There are, however, many ways to build. We ask our Production Team to understand the Customer, to get in his skin in order to find the best solutions and obtain the best result.
And the best result is usually the best balance between:

  • Comply with the agreed deadlines.
  • Adjust to the budget and offering, where appropriate, alternatives to benefit the Client.
  • Guarantee the quality that each project needs.

These three concepts can only be achieved with experienced, enterprising, dynamic technicians, prepared to adapt to changes, with the correct proportion of experience of our managers and with the loyalty and quality of our entire network of suppliers.

Professional profiles

Youth is not confronted with seriousness.

VORACYS is composed of a young and well-trained staff. 100% of the technical staff of the Production Department and personnel of the Tendering Department have University Degree.


Human Resources Policy

The three fundamental pillars in the selection of human resources are:

  1. Technical training: all our heads of work are qualified Engineers and / or Architects with proven experience. Our construction managers have more than 20 years of experience.
  2. Initiative and motivation: we do not want technicians who are satisfied with doing projected works, but resolutive workers who solve the problems of our clients before they appear.
  3. Capacity for human relations, teamwork and empathy: respect and attention to our clients and among workers must be permanent objectives.

Corporate Social Responsibility

  1. We firmly believe in the selection of human resources as a base for growth and guarantee of professionalism for our clients. We want our staff to identify with the company.
  2. We believe in the commitment with our workers, clients and suppliers in order to generate long-term relationships that create value.
  3. We believe in strict planning in combination with creativity, which allows us to advance solutions and optimize resources, while guaranteeing quality and execution deadlines.
  4. We believe in sustainability as a guarantee of the future. We respect the environment and care about it.
  5. We believe in the prevention of occupational risks as a guarantee of our workers, customers and suppliers and we respect it to the fullest.
  6. We believe in innovation and we are constantly adapting to new technologies in construction to be more competitive for the benefit of our customers.

To ensure all of the above and as part of the Quality, Environment and Health and Safety at Work Policy, VORACYS has implemented an Integrated Management System that includes a Quality Management System in accordance with the UNE-eN ISO standard. 9001: 2008, an Environmental Management System in accordance with the UNE-ES ISO 14001: 2004 standard and a Management System for Safety and Health at Work in accordance with the OHSAS 18001: 2007 standard, being duly certified in all this.


100% technical staff of Production Department and the Tendering Department with university degree.
More than 300 works executed
More than 150 public and private clients
Company with more soccer fields executed in Catalonia approved by FIFA with FIFA 2 STAR certificate

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