Who says that artificial turf fields do not require proper maintenance is unaware of this type of facility. As important as the design, the product and the execution is the maintenance, which has to be analysed, designed and accrued according to the environment and the use of the facilities. This is what we do, together with our customers.

On the other hand, having qualified personnel and the appropriate machinery, owned by VORACYS, differentiates us from our competitors, being able to close the service circle throughout the lifetime of these facilities, always with the aim of maximizing its life while guaranteeing the best conditions of use at all times.

Finally, we have an agile and reliable after-sales service to solve any doubts that may arise once the facility is in use. We move our technical specialists and we give solutions to new needs of use of the facility.

The tasks to carry out in maintenance tasks are the following:

– Surface cleaning and brushing of the playing field with specific machine

– Deep cleaning (decompaction, aeration and homogenization) of the rubber filling

– Cleaning of concrete gutters and drainage system boxes.

– Verification of the bonding of the joints and repair of joints and / or defective lines

– Chemical weeding of the playing field with exfoliating herbicide

– Inspection and cleaning of the oxide in the irrigation canyons and perimeter channels

– Verification of rolling, bot and fill levels

– Rubber contribution to the playing field

– Eliminate remains (sand, rubber and fibres) accumulated in sandboxes or drains

– Cleaning and checking the irrigation system

– Review and testing of sports equipment